Torque Analyser Class 1 - 4

Torque Analyser Class 1 - 4

Torque Tool
The Torque Analyser Class 1 - 4 is used for checking the output torque from the Torque Tool.
The Analyser consists of a Phosphate and Xylan black coated mild steel weldment (which copies exactly the standard ISO 13628-8 API 17H interface) and a calibrated torque measurement cell. The output from the cell is displayed on a hand-held meter (TRA150). The system is powered by a pair of AA 1.5volt DC batteries housed within the meter. The torque measurement cell is a proprietary, factory calibrated unit.
In addition to the visual display provided by the hand held unit, the TRA150 meter is supplied with an RS232 serial data output connection. This provides an external output for the analyser torque readings, allowing direct interfacing with the TTCS and "Auto Calibration" features to be utilised, if available.


  • Easy to install and remove
  • Handheld reader
  • Battery powered portable design
  • Bi-directional transducer
  • Interface with laptop
  • Supported worldwide
  • ISO 13628-8 & API 17D Interface


Dimensions 340L x344W x192Hmm
Weight in Air 20kg
Max. Torque - Class 4 3000Nm
Connector IP IP67
Battery 2 x AA Cell type
Serial Output Connector RS232