TMT Hydraulic Manual Torque Tool

TMT Hydraulic Manual Torque Tool

Torque Tool
The TMT Hydraulic Manual Torque Tool is a simple and cost effective tool to operate subsea valving via host ROV hydraulic system.
The Hydraulic Manual Torque Tool places minimal additinal weight to the ROV and is easy to install and operate.
The Hydraulic Manual Torque Tool required no data or electrical input. Surface calibration is required via pressure regulation and a Torque Verification Unit (optional extra). 
Latch configuration is available.
Can be fitted with the following drive sockets:
  • Class 1 & 2 (11/16”) 
  • Class 3 (1 1/8”) 
  • Class 4 (1 ½”)
The small size of the Torque Tool allows it to be easily packaged into two carry-on sized cases allowing speedy and economical delivery to site.
The Torque Tool comes standard with a four (4) mere length of hydraulic hose and a Pressure Regulating Valve (PRV) to adjust pressure to the hydraulic motor for final torque adjustment.
TMT can customise the tool to suit your requirements.


  • Simple tilt indicator
  • Visual turns counter
  • Fitted with 17D (ISO 13628-8) nose cone
  • Field proven
  • Latch option
  • 4 metre hydraulic hose set included
  • ROV manipulator 3 finger jaw friendly handle


Transit Case Dimensions 750L x540W x540Hmm
Weight in Air ~40kg
Torque Class 1 - 4, 67-2711Nm
Max. Op. Pressure 207bar (3000psi)
Depth Rating Unlimited