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TSS 350 Cable Survey System

TSS 350 Cable Survey System

Subsea Survey
The TSS 350 Cable Survey System is designed specifically for the detection and survey of tone-carrying cables. Featuring a comprehensive software display and menu structure, real-time information is presented in a clear graphical format and provided as a digital output for storage and subsequent processing.
The fully integrated system provides accurate survey data, verifying location and burial status of a cable as well as providing operators with fault location, vehicle skew andle and "Look-a-Head" information.
Maximum cable detection range at a vertical range is up to 10m and within a performance based on 25Hz total horizontal swath width of 20m centred on the coil array.
Designed to be installed on a wide range of subsea vehicles, the 350 systen can detect tones on a telecommunications or power cable, or an umbilical. The system includes 19" rack mountings equipment and monitor.


  • Good detection range
  • Accurate and reliable
  • Tone frequency discrimination
  • Variable Pressure & Flow
  • Quick fit to ROV
  • Look ahead information
  • Cable fault location
  • Cable location data
  • Depth of burial data
  • Field proven







Subsea Electrical Pod
Dimensions ∅140 x450Hmm
Weight in Air 6-Way
Weight in Seawater 6 - 15VDC
ROV Connection 8-Way impulse connector
Input Frequency

57 - 63Hz @ 100/132V

47 - 53Hz @ 180/264V

Dimensions ∅140 x2290Hmm
Frequency 250kHz
Range Min 30cm - Max 30m
Depth Rating 3000msw*

*All subsea compnents are depth rated to 3000msw