TMT Primary GNSS System

TMT Primary GNSS System

Subsea Technology
TMT's primary positioning system utilises the Hemisphere AtlasLink GNSS Smart Antenna in combination with the Atlas L-Band corrections, providing a converged positioning solution with sub-decimeter accuracy. The field proven technology is stable, reliable and robust, and when integrated as part of TMT's complete positioning system offers the very best positioning system available on the market.
TMT's pupose built Power & Integration Module provides full system redundancy, including dual power inputs, multiple output options (serial, network, USB) and automatic rollover of systems should dropouts occue. This is a critical difference between TMT's system and Off-the-Shelf products.


  • High-accuracy position utilising the complete GNSS network
  • TMT designed & built interfacing module provides redundancy
  • Minimal configuration (quick setup)
  • Fast convergence time
  • Small, lightweight and versatile
  • Dual-frequency in-built receiver
  • Multi-GNSS System
  • Easy configuration (Web-UI)
  • RTCM Correction output


Dimensions 158H x185W x79Dmm
Weight in Air 1.15kg
Connector 12-Pin Male (Metal)
Sensitivity -142dBm
Channels 372
Power 7-32Vdc
IP Rating IP67
MTBE >80,000 hours