Pinger Receiver System

Pinger Receiver System

Subsea Technology
The RJE DPR-275 Diver Operated Pinger receiver is extremely rugged, reliable and intended for use in the marine environment. Used by both military and commercial customers worldwide, the DPR-275 can track and locate any underwater acoustic beacons operating between 5 - 80kHz.
The DPR-275 Diver Pinger Receiver can be converted to operate from the surface quickly by removing the hydrophone for the DPR-275 and attaching it to the adjustable surface hydrophone assembly. The hydrophone's sensitivity and directionality allows the operator to swiftly and effectively navigate a vessel to any beacon source. Converting the DPR-275 back to a diver configuration completes the recovery operation. The LCD Display will indicate frequency and low battery indication. The LED Display indicates signal strength.
The PRS-275 Pinger Receiver System consists of the DPR-275 Diver Pinger Receiver, Surface Hydrophone housing, Staff Assembly, Underwater Headset and Carrying Case.


  • Diver or surface operation
  • Auto inverting display
  • Compact
  • Rugged


Dimensions ∅114 x248Lmm
Weight in Air 2.9kg
Weight in Seawater 190g
Frequency Range 5 - 80kHz
Bandwidth 1kHz
Transducer Beam Pattern

30° @ 27Khz

25° @ 37.5Khz

Power Source One Alkaline "C" Cell
Battery Self Life 6 Years
Battery Life 15 hours
Housing Material Aluminium
Depth Rating 200msw