Subsea Technology
The Acoustic Pipepline Leak Detection (APLD) allows rapid detection and the location of leaks by scanning over the suspected area. The system can be deployed using an ROV, AUV, towed vehicle or can be diver held. Software rejection of sounds of frequencies below 30kHz enables automatic filtering of most of the acoustic noise generated by the ROV or attendant vessel.
The two channel system allows one or more sensor types (fluorometer and acoustic) to be operated simultaneously for more efficient detection. 
The sensors are connected to a processor board that is mounted on the ROV within a pressure housing. The processor produces data in RS232 and RS485 (operator selectable) format for transmission to the surface via the ROV umbilical. Power is supplied by the ROV (12 to 30VDC). For diver operations, the sensor connects to the surface PC via a diver to a surface cable and a pressure housed RS485 signal converter.


  • Diver, ROV or towed
  • Direction Hydrophones
  • Variable Pressure & Flow
  • Quick fit to ROV
  • Easily mobilised
  • Real time processing 
  • Field proven


Sensor Dimensions ∅55 x250Lmm
Subsea Connector 6-Way
Electrical Inputs 6 - 15VDC
Electrical Outputs 0 - 2.5VDC
Frequency Response

30kHz - 140kHz

40kHz - 150kHz

Gain Options 49, 52, 60 & 72dB
Depth Rating 2000msw