TMT Casing Hanger Gauge Tool

TMT Casing Hanger Gauge Tool

ROV Tooling
ROV Tooling
Within subsea oil and gas wells, the casing hangers and various sleeves are locked into place using locking rings. These locking rings are actuated when the casing hanger is installed; however it is sometime necessary to verify that these locking rings are still in the correct place, in case they have been inadvertently unlocked.
The Casing Hanger Gauge Tool is an ROV tool that allows the depth of the Casing Hanger below the subsea tree housing to be checked. The ROV lowers the tool into the subsea well and the gauge lands out in the casing hanger. The ROV then measures this distance between the casing hanger and the subsea tree datum to determine whether the casing hanger is still in the locked position.
TMT can customise the tool to suit your requirements.
  • Low maintenance
  • Field proven
  • ROV delivered
  • Corrosion resistant materials


Dimensions ∅664 x4203Lmm
Weight in Air 110kg
Weight in Seawater 67kg
Maximum Gauging Depth 3892mm
Depth Rating Unlimited