Schilling RigMaster

Schilling RigMaster

ROV Manipulator
The Schilling RigMaster is a five-function, rate-controlled, heavy-lift grabber arm. The grabber arm can be used to grasp and lift heavy objects or to anchor the ROV by clamping the gripper around a structural member at the work site. Constructed primarily of aluminium and titanium, the RigMaster provides the power, performance and reliability required for the demanding subsea work.
The RigMaster is used for tasks such as connecting ROV to assets to provide a stable platform for grabbing hold of a structure to allow the vehicle to hold position.
TMT can customise the tool to suit your requirements.


  • Corrosion resistant material
  • Large operating envelope
  • Easily operated by ROV
  • Long service life
  • Field proven
  • High left to weight ratio
  • Boom function extends arm by 305mm


Weight in Air 64kg
Weight in Seawater 48kg
Lift at Full Extension (Boom Retracted) 270kg
Lift at Full Extensions (Boom Extended) 181kg
Max. Lift (nominal) 273kg
Max. Gripper Opening 284mm
Wrist Torque 205Nm
Wrist Rotate 360°
Max. Reach (Boom Retracted) 1067mm
Max. Reach (Boom Retracted) 1372mm
Depth Rating 6500msw