Flooded Member Detection System

Flooded Member Detection System

ROV Tooling
The Flooded Member Detection (FMD) System comprises of an ROV electronics pod, remote probe, topside interface unit and operating software. This user friendly system provides a real time A-Scan analogue display of the acoustic returns.
The analogue display enables the operator to correctly align the probe and ensure that the signal is of maximum amplitude and to clearly identify if the member is flooded. The software allows recording of analogue trace and location event details to enable fast and efficient reporting during the project.
The Sonar can be customised with various connector options, communication protocols and two depth ratings.


  • Analogue display
  • Acoustic based system
  • ROV or diver operated
  • User friendly software
  • Data recording capability (logging)
  • Robust reliable design


Dimensions (ROV Electrics) ∅70 x160Lmm
Weight in Air (ROV Electrics) 2.1kg
Weight in Seawater (ROV Electrics) 1.5kg
Dimensions (Probe) ∅55 x160Lmm
Weight in Air (Probe) 0.75kg
Weight in Seawater (Probe) 0.5kg
Power 12 - 24VDC @ 3.6W
System Operating Frequency 1MHz
System Operating Range 1 to 50cm
Communications RS232, RS485 (38400baud)