XWM-90 A Frame

XWM-90 A Frame

ROV Rigging
ROV Rigging
ROV Rigging
The XWM-90 A Frame has a telescopic boom which improves parking of the ROV and TMS behind each other, 90º luffing and outboard mechanical stops. The addition of the cranked boom gives additional reach and brings the initial package closer to the splash zone during both launch & recovery. The optional skid extension between the winch and LARS skid provides additional tooling work space.


  • Rotation: 180º driven by hydraulic motor, hydraulic lock
  • Mechanical automatic latch with hydraulic release
  • Hydraulic damping system with variable stiffness control
  • Integral umbilical sheave wheel
  • Rubber fender for interface with TMS
  • +/-30° pitch deflection of latch fender
  • +/-45° roll deflection of latch fender
  • Suitable maritime coating system applied


Model XWM-90
Dimensions 6L x4Wm
SWL 15Te
Weight 27,000kg
Out Reach 5.0m
Boom Extension 2.0m
Sheave Wheel Dia. 1695mm
Latch Rotation 180
Hydraulic Damping +/-10°
Global Design Factor 3
DNV Certification 2.7 - 1