The HFM-135 LARS was developed to provide a greater outreach and to allow the boom to reach the horizontal position. This is a specific advantage for vessels with high free-boards. This positions the TMS / ROV closer to the water and reduces the pendulum effect during both launch and recovery. This system can be fitted with an integral sliding deck which can be used to position the ROV or tool skid in different locations along the skid base for maintenance purposes.
The construction of the hydraulically controlled swing-frame, complete with self-fleeting sheave wheel, ensures that the umbilical is not damaged during high loadings in deep waters. The base frame is strengthened to avoid the need for large sea fastening or expensive modifications to vessel decks. Installing all the hydraulic components in a single operating panel makes maintenance extremely easy. The design capacity is 15Te SWL (45Te design) at 30° side load with the possibility of increasing this by hydraulically retracting the boom during operation.


  • Winch fleet angle compensating sheave
  • Hydraulic tilting of latch/sheave wheel angle for deep water deployment
  • All moving points piped to accessible lubrication bulkhead
  • Controlled hydraulic damping of latch head for rough weather
  • Stainless steel hydraulic fitting throughout
  • Extendible boom for height adjustment, controlled landing and SWL increase
  • Optional sliding deck for maintenance positioning of ROV / tool skid


Model HFM-135
Dimensions 4.0W x6Lm
SWL 15Te
Weight 35,000kg
Out Reach 6.3m
Boom Extension 2.0m
Sheave Wheel Dia. 1.2m
Latch Rotation 355°
Hydraulic Damping +/-10°
Global Design Factor 3
DNV Certification 2.7-1