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TMT Hot Stab Check Valve

TMT Hot Stab Check Valve

Hot Stab
Hot Stab
Hot Stab
The TMT Hot Stab Check Valve is a custom designed hot stab check valve for use with existing hot stabs.
The Hot Stab Check Valve was designed to stop possible leaking from a hot stab by installing a 25psi check valve. The Hot Stab Check valve also has a 5psi check valve in the opposite orientation to ensure that no seawater contaminates the hydraulic lines.
The TMT Hot Stab Check Valve can be grouped into a check valve manifold or customised to suit most client applications. 


  • Easy to install and remove
  • 2205 Stainless Steel
  • Engraved hydraulic circuit
  • Dual check valves
  • Field proven







Dimensions 123L x60W x25Hmm 
Weight in Air 0.93kg
Weight in Seawater 0.81kg
In Check Valve 25psi
Out Check Valve 5psi
Safe Working Pressure 5000psi
Hydraulic Fitting 7/16 JIC
Depth Rating Unlimited