TMT Dual Port Hot Stab Control Unit MK1

TMT Dual Port Hot Stab Control Unit MK1

Hot Stab
Hot Stab
The TMT Dual Port Hot Stab (DPHS) Control Unit  MK1 allows for a high pressure flow of glycol (up to 600bar / 8700psi) to be supplied to either port on a dual port hot stab using one high pressure input. The DPHSU controls the flow path using hydraulically actuated ball valves. Return flow is directed to the fluid skid.
The system includes two isolation ball valves for pressure testing through the “H” (Handle) or “N’” (Nose) ports of the hot stab. Two pressure sensors are included in the “H” and “N” port circuits to allow digital pressure logging using the custom software supplied.
Pressure gauges are included in the hot stab circuits to allow visual confirmation of pressures.
The system is rated to 600bar (8700psi), limited by the pressure sensors. All valve and pipework is rated for 690bar (10,000psi).
TMT can customise the tool to suit your requirements.


  • Easy to install and remove
  • Corrosion resistant materials
  • Digital and Analogue pressure outputs
  • Electronics bottle - data logging
  • Field proven
  • Can be used with water, oils or glycols


Dimensions 576L x290W x460Hmm
Weight in Air 37kg
Weight in Seawater 27kg
Max. Working Pressure 8700psi (600bar)
Max. Hydraulic Pressure 3000psi (207bar)
Depth Rating 3000msw