TMT Backpack Fluid Transfer Skid

TMT Backpack Fluid Transfer Skid

Subsea Skid
The TMT Backpack Fluid Transfer Skid allows an ROV to perform fuild injection. The backpack is suitable for wellhead preservation injection of MEG/glycol, acid (HW740R), seawater and other fluids.
The system components are mounted in a lightweight aluminium backpack frame which is designed to be compatible with a range of ROVs. The fluid skid attaches to the aft of the ROV. ROV controlled valving is used to control flow. The standard ROV Aft camera can monitor the output flow and pressure.
TMT can configure the tool to suit the customer requirements, such as a sea water injection switch, additional injection volume and flow metering capability.


  • Easy to install & remove
  • Easy to transport
  • Flow & Pressure gauges
  • Compact high volume
  • Field proven
  • In-line fluid filter
  • Water, MEG, acid compatible


Dimensions 520L x1550W x840Hmm
Shipping Weight 112kg
Weight in Seawater 58kg
Volume of Hydraulic Fluid 160L
Max. Injection Flow Rate 25L/min
Max. Injection Pressure 4500psi (310bar)