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TMT Seabed Soil Sampler

TMT Seabed Soil Sampler

Susbea Tooling
The TMT Seabed Soil Sampler is one of the simplest forms of seabed sampling. It is a grab bucket very similar to that used on land.
The advantage of the TMT version is that it is very simple and not restricted to any water depth other than the ROV limit. It can provide an idea of the seabed floor properties.
The tool is typically deployed from an ROV manipulaor, then recovered back to deck. The tool is also useful in obtaining bulk samples that can be used back in laboratories for model testing such as soil pipeline interaction etc.
TMT can customise the tool to suit your requirements.


  • Cost-effective
  • Large capacity
  • Field proven
  • Corrosion resistant materials


Dimensions ∅174 x316L x576Hmm
Weight in Air - Empty 4.6kg
Weight in Seawater - Empty 3.0kg
Handles Supported Varies
Depth Rating Unlimited