Temporary Abandonment Cap

Temporary Abandonment Cap

Subsea Cap
The Temporary Abandonment (TA) Cap is a tool that is installed on top of a subsea wellhead in order to protect the critical surfaces from subsea growth and corrosion. This is typically done when there is a significant period of time in between the drilling being completed on the well and the completion starting. It can also be used to protect a wellhead after abandonment.
The TA Cap consists of a predominantely steel cap that is locked onto the wellhead using the H4 external locking profile. An ROV can then be used to pump preservation fluid, (i.e. a corrosion inhibitos), into the cap to flush out any seawater and protect the wellhead. The cap also includes a plastic stinger that protrudes into the internal cavity of the wellhead and allows this preservation fluid to be pumped further into the wellhead depending on the relative buoyancy of the fluid when compared to seawater. Seals on the TA Cap keep the preservation fluid within the cap, but do not allow pressure to be contained within the cap.
The TA Cap is generally too heavy to be deployed from the surface using the ROV and normally requires the assistance of a Tugger winch or crane. The ROV is used to guide the TA Cap onto the wellhead and lock it into place prior to pumping preservation fluid into the cap.


  • Easy to install and remove
  • Steel construction
  • ISO 13628-8 ROV hot stab to pump preservation fluid into the TA Cap
  • Stinger to allow fluid to be pumped deeper into the wellhead
  • Locking dogs that engage on H4 external locking profile


Dimensions 110W x2000H x1100Lmm
Weight in Air 234kg
Weight in Seawater 193kg
Anode Design Life Subsea In excess of 1 year
Depth Rating Unlimited