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Cement Top Up Stab

Cement Top Up Stab

Subsea Tooling
The Cement Top Up Stab is an ROV operated hot stab with a 2" bore that can be used to pump cement into the conductor annulus of a wellhead to correct a poor cementing job. The cement is pumped down to the seabed through a drill string, which is connected to the hot stab using a 15m cementing hose. Prior to the deployment of the wellhead, matching receptacles are installed onto the cementing tubes of the wellhead for the ROV to interface with. The receptacle can be easily modified to suit the client's specifications as required.


  • Corrosion resistant
  • Compact
  • Easy to operate
  • Supplied with: cementing hose & drill string adaptor
  • Large, straight through bore to minimise pressure losses












Dimensions 427L x155W x400Hmm
Weight in Air 31kg
Weight in Seawater 27kg
Pressure Rating 500psi
Depth Rating Unlimited