Drilling Package

TMT has ROV drilling support in its DNA.
We have been a critical service provider to many of the largest Oil & Gas exploration programmes in our state's history and have an exemplary reputation for offshore operations and onshore support.
The following tooling package is worth considering when planning your next exploration programme.

Typical Operations:


Primary Conductor Positioning & Alignment

TMT Wellhead Aligment Frame WHAF - used to orientate the position of the conductor and confirm its verticality prior to cementing.


TMT Riser Alignment Tool - used to attach to the casing/riser to confirm verticality.




Cement Verification

TMT Cement Detector - used to confirm the presence of cement returns in the mud around the 30", and again after drilling and cementing the 20".



AX, VX, VGX2 Gasket Seal Placement

TMT AX/VX Gasket Install & Removal Tool - used when running the BOP.



AX, VX, VGX2 Gasket Seal Cleaning

TMT AX/VX Profile Cleaning Tool - used when running or rerunning the BOP.



Drill Cutting Removal

TMT Mega Digger - efficiently moves drill cutting from around the guide base that could obstruct the running of the BOP.



Low Pressure Jetting

TMT Mini Dredger - used to conduct targeted jetting around sealing faces and bullseyes.



BOP Intervention to API53

TMT MK2 200 Fluid Transfer Skid - used to quickly intervene and close client BOP if required to avert an emergency.



Guide Wire Anchors

Imenco Guide Wire Anchor - used to connect rig guide wires to the guide base. They can be potted offshore or be supplied with a 1 metre wire rope stinger.



Wire Rope Cutting

TMT 22mm Wire Rope Cutter & TMT 40mm Wire Rope Cutter - ROV friendly Webtool Hydraulic Cutters are used to remove damaged guide wires from around the guide base.



Soft Line Cutting

TMT Soft Line Cutter - used to remove fibre ropes from around the riser or guide base to prevent fouling during operations.



Rotary Brushing

TMT Multi-Purpose Rotary Tool - comes with a variety of attachments to clean external H4 wellhead sealing faces.



Water Jetting

TMT 420 Water Blaster Tool - used to remove solids from around the guide base if required.



Solid Cement Removal

TMT Breaker - used to break up cement around the guide base in the event of excessive grouting.



Soil Sampling

TMT Seabed Soil Sampler - used to collect and recover soil samples to the surface that allow confirmation of grout returns and other seabed geology.



Temporary Abandonment

Temporary Abandonment Cap - used to cap a well post drilling and prior to completion.




Watch all the action from the offshore operational command vessel or live on the screen at the morning progress meeting at the city headquarters with the TMT Air Lync Wi-Fi System.