TMT Tree Cap Drill

TMT Tree Cap Drill

Subsea Drill
The TMT Tree Cap Drill Tool was originally designed to suit subsea trees. The Tree Cap Drill is used to drill 50mm diameter holes underneath the actuating ring of the tree cap. It provides a means to access the ring with lifting hooks, to release the tree cap in the event that the hydraulic release mechanism fails. 
When deployed, the Tree Cap Drill is used to drill three holes in the underside of the Tree Cap, spaced at approximately 120º apart. Once the three holes are drilled, then the Tree Cap Drill is recovered to the surface so that the ROV can handle the large tree cap hooks. The tree cap hooks are then used to remove the tree cap using the top drive. 
TMT can customise the tool to suit your requirements.


  • Easy to install and remove
  • Corrosion resistant materials
  • ROV deliverable
  • ROV handle suits T4 Parallel Jaw
  • Can be modified to customer requirements


Dimensions 1185L x1135W x1050Hmm
Weight in Air 193kg
Weight in Seawater 38kg
Drill Dia. 50mm
Drill Stroke 94mm
Hydro Press. 3000psi
Hydro Flow 20L/min Total