TMT 12" Adjustable Spool Support Jacking Tool

TMT 12" Adjustable Spool Support Jacking Tool

Subsea Tooling
The TMT Subsea Spool Jacking Tool (SJT) is a water jack that allows ROVs to adjust spool heights subsea. The SJT can lift 7.5 tonne at its minimum height and 4 tonne at its maximum height.
The SJT comes with a customised pumping unit and valve panel mounted on the ROV and is supplied with a protective dummy hot stab. A TMT Deck Jacking Tool (DJT) is also available to make adjustments to the spool heights on deck.
TMT can customise the tool to suit your requirements.


  • Corrosion resistant materials
  • ROV operable
  • ISO two port hot stab operated
  • Reielf valve and isolation valve
  • Uses sea water with filter
  • Smooth reliable operation
  • ROV mounted centrifugal pump using seawater
  • Protective dummy hot stab


Dimensions 718H x550W x1890Lmm
Weight in Air 85kg
Weight in Water 55kg
Pressure Max. 150psi
Relief Valve Setting 150psi
Lift Points Subsea deployment only
Min. Height Lift 7.5t @ 162mm
Max. Height Lift 4t @ 442mm
Depth Rating 300msw
ROV Pump Requirements

Proportional flow control up to 50Lpm

Maximum pressure 3000psi