Coda Echoscope 3D Sonar

Coda Echoscope 3D Sonar

Subsea Sonar
The Coda Echoscope® is a 3D imaging sonar. It can provide a complete viewing volume with a single ping, the Echoscope® uses phased array technology to process 16,000 beams simultaneously resulting in a three-dimensional sonar image. 
Capable of up to twenty updates per second, the instantaneous co-registered 3D imagery from each ping allows visualisation of a whole scene in real time.
The Echoscope accepts motion sensor inputs to allow the data to be positioned accurately within a 3D space and mosaicked datasets to be created.


  • Light weight
  • Compact
  • High Definition 3D sonar image generated in real-time
  • Mosaicking capability
  • Accurate even in turbid water
  • Accurate geo-references data
  • Real time solution


Dimensions 380H x300W x160Dmm
Weight in Air 22kg
Weight in Seawater 12kg
Power 3 - 6A at 24Vdc
Frequency 375 & 610kHz
Number of Beams 128 x 128 (16,384 total)
Minimum Range 1m
Resolution 3cm
Depth Rating 600 or 3000msw