Subsea Laser Scanner

Subsea Laser Scanner

Subsea Laser Scanner
The ULS-500 Subsea Laser Scanner is a long-range measurement system that is ideal for capturing high-detail measurements in subsea areas spanning from 1m to over 10m, in ideal conditions. The system is designed for inspection of 0° shore jackets, inland dam and bridges, pipeline surveys and ovality measurements. The Laser Scanner produces very high-detail measurements, capable of resolving measurements of less than 1mm and can be easily deployed by an ROV, AUV or diver.
ULS-500 can be easily operated, using the 2G Robotics ULScanSoft CAD paackage, to collect and process the underwater point cloud data. Measurements can be taken directly from the point clouds, and the point clouds can be saved to .xyz files, which are commonly used file formats for point cloud data.
The point clouds can be imported into almost any CAD for advanced data analysis and overlay comparison. An API is also available for command and data collection through your own software program. The unit can be mounted on a rotary actuated tripod and placed on the seabed or mounted on an ROV and integrated to the ROV system.


  • Ambient light filtration
  • Hudreds of times higher resolution than sonar
  • Modular design
  • Algorithms to deal with silt in the water
  • ROV, AUV & diver deployable
  • .xyz, LAS & CSV formats


Dimensions 267L x848Hmm
Weight in Seawater 20.5kg
Scan Range

1m (Min.) <5m (Ideal)

Can exceed 10m

Vertical Laser Alignment 50°
Vertical Resolution 0.0072°
Rotational Range 360°
Laser Foot Print 3mm
Power 12-76Vdc 150W
Data Interface 10/100Mbit Ethernet
Depth Rating 350msw