Imenco Guidewire Lifting Anchor

Imenco Guidewire Lifting Anchor

Subsea Abandonment
The Imenco Lifting Anchors have a slightly different design that the Imenco Guide Wire Anchors and does not have a shear pin design and should therefore not be used in a guiding system in the same way as the Imenco Standard Guidewire Anchors or the Imenco Slimline Guidewire Anchors.
The Imenco Lifting Anchors are recognised by their slender bodies and wider heads. This gives each Imenco Lifting Anchor a shoulder for resting on the top of the guidepost or receptacle. An easily accessible release sleeve is utilised for releasing an Imenco Lifting Anchor. The release sleeve is painted orange for easy recognition, and connected mechanically to the locking dogs. This gives a visual verification of the locking dog's position (Locked / Unlocked).
The Imenco Lifting Anchors are equipped with three (3) locking dogs which transfer the load onto the retaining shoulder of the guidepost.


  • Simple and reliable
  • Double self-locking dogs
  • Anchor stabbed by own weight
  • Field proven

Specifications 6Te:

O/A Length 721mm
Stabbing Length 496mm
Anchor Entering Dia. ∅74mm
Max. Dia. ∅127mm
Weight in Air 26kg
Weight in Seawater 23kg
Design Load 6Te
Material Certification NS EN 10204