TMT Goes Solar

TMT is always looking to make a long term positive contribution towards the environment in its daily operations and processes.
One of TMT's Environmental Objectives for 2016 was to reduce the electricity consumption at its Bibra Lake, Western Australian facility.
This initiative saw TMT install a 100kW solar power system consisting of 384 solar panels located on the roof of its main building and 3 inverter stations.
Since being commissioned in December 2016, use of the solar power system has resulted in a 60% reduction in TMT's electricity costs and has generated a combined total of 344.25MWh in its 2 years of operation.
Moreover, the 100kW system has generated the equivalent energy to power 48 households for a year, based on the average energy consumption of an Australian household per year, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.
Solar power will continue to play a significant role in reducing the carbon footprint from TMT's daily operations, in addition to the energy saving conservation measures currently in place at our onsite facility.