Typhoon MK1

The Typhoon, Work Class ROV system, has the following information that defines the current system configuration. Many other tooling options are available upon request. It is designed and built in Australia to be a cost effective and client-focused answer to your ROV needs. The Typhoon can be installed in an ROV hanger, or supplied with a Control and Workshop container for installation on deck.



Electronic Architecture

A distributed node control, including automated heading and station hold. Includes an expandable RS485 network with a range of quick-change PCBs for different applications. Dual redundant control and modern interface.


Two manipulators on extendable TMT Low Profile Z-Functions are provided. The Low Profile Z-Function provides 305mm of controlled movement along the horizontal Z axis (fwd-aft) for manipulators. A third central Z-Function is available.
Manipulator options include:


Tooling Interface

  • 8x 0-20L/min, 3000psi for Manipulators
  • 2x High Flow 0-100L/min, 0-3000psi
  • 5x Ultra High Flow direct to main 200L/min HPU
  • 5x Medium Flow direct to secondary 50L/min HPU
  • 1x Ancillary HPU interface


Seabed Reference Positioning System

The Seabed Reference Positioning System (SRPS) increases visibility by eliminating the need for vertical thrust near the ocean floor. The ROV can use the SRPS for precise vertical positioning and for heavy lift assistance.

ROV Instrumentation

  • Depth sensor
  • Fluxgate compass
  • Sonar


Depth Rating 1000msw
Length 3m
Width 1.9m
Height 2.4m
Weight 4400kg
Frame Proof Load 12,500kg
Through Frame Lift 500kg