Triton XL11

The Triton XL is a 125HP work class ROV with a proven 1000msw depth rating. The Triton can be installed in an ROV hanger, or supplied with a Control and Workshop container for installation on deck. TMT have extensively upgraded the Triton XLs since delivery, to ensure it continues to meet client requirements. Delivered with a 300m tether plus 1000m of lift umbilical on a 2500m capacity winch, all of the systems are capable of operating in a water depth exceeding 1000m in their standard configuration.. Provisions are in place to easily upgrade to the full 2500m quoted system rating.




Manipulator options include:


Tooling Interface

125HP electro-hydraulic motor generating ample hydraulic power/flow for tooling packages via 2 solenoid manifolds, each with ten (10) 4-way valves, operating @ 3300psi, 20L/min.

Tether Management System

The Triton ROV is designed to suit Perry Type 5a TMS. Other TMS models are available as an option.

ROV Control

The ROV control system based on a 486 PC based surface and subsea processor architecture and operating real time database driven software.

ROV Instrumentation

  • Nexus 10 comprising of eight (8) fibre optic video cameras
  • 16x RS 232 data chambers HD band
  • 2x RS485 data channels
  • 2x ArcNet channels
  • 2x multibeam channels set for Reson 8125 head


Depth Rating 1000msw
Length 2.43m
Width 1.52m
Height 1.68m
Weight 3150kg
Payload 300kg
Through Frame Lift 3000kg