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TMT Two Function Manifold

The TMT Two Function Hydraulic Tooling Manifold is a compact hydraulic manifold that incorporates Sun valves, either switching or proportional.



Small, lightweight Aluminium manifold

Electrical proportional pressure reducing/relieving on one of the functions

Externally accessible flow controls on one of the functions

Cross ported pilot checks on one of the functions

Adjustable relief valve for two functions

1 On/Off and 1 proportional directional valve

Transparent window in cover allows viewing of LED function lights

Water ingress sensor

Three pressure transducers

Three subsea electrical connectors

Field proven to 3100msw

The variety of possible configuration is huge, thus providing an extremely flexible solution to a multitude of different subsea tooling applications. Its ease of use makes it user friendly and the small size saves valuable space and weight.

The manifold supports up to two functions.

TMT can customise the tool to suit your requirements.


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