TMT Hydraulic Skid

The TMT Hydraulic Skid is designed to be a structural interface between an ROV and a range of tooling and as a remotely controlled hydraulically isolated hydraulic power pack.



Smart tool interface

Easy to install and remove

Corrosion resistant materials

Lights and cameras

Flow meter

The main hydraulic supply from an ROV is the input that drives a completely isolated hydraulic circuit. This platform provides a range of hydraulic functions to tooling which can be quickly docked to the skid without any risk of contaminaion to the ROV oil supply.

The skid has its own Smart Tooling interface which provides instrumentation and controls for High-flow/Low-flow manifolds, lights and cameras.

Standard outputs:

  • 2x Proportional control low flow 4 port 3-way directional valves, open centre – 8L/min at 3045psi (210bar)
  • 6x Low flow 4 port 3-way directional valves, open centre – 15L/min at 3045psi (210bar)
  • 2x Proportional control high flow 4 port 3-way directional valves, open centre – 85L/min at 3045psi (210bar)

TMT can customise the tool to suit your requirements.


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