TMT Drawer Fluid Skid

The TMT Drawer Fluid Skid (DFS) is designed to enable the ROV to perform a full system pressurisation prior to deployment and subsequently be able to check for any leaks in the Subsea Intervention Device (SID) system and/or X-Tree.



Easy to install and remove

Easy to transport

Flow and pressure sensors

Small compact smart fluid skid

Field proven

Can be used with water, oils or glycols

The DFS is ideal for wellhead preservation injection of a wide variety of fluids including water and MEG mix etc. Contact TMT Engineering for specific requirements.

The DFS system components are mounted on a sliding drawer structure, which allows it to be safely stored inside the ROV envelope when not in use and be extended when operation is required, by means of ROV manipulator. The DFS and tank are connected by 4m hoses, allowing the tank to be mounted at the back of the ROV whilst the Drawer Skid is mounted on the front.

TMT can customise the tool to suit your requirements.


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