Torque Tools

TMT Class 4 – 5 Multiplier

The TMT Class 4 to Class 5 Multiplier enables the use of a Class 4 Torque Tool in a Class 5 receptacle.



Easy to install and remove

Corrosion resistant materials

Compensation system

Compensation relief

Field proven

Quick disconnects

It incorporates a gearbox to provide a torque multiplication at the output. A Class 5 multiplier is simple, lighter and a more cost effective solution than a hydraulically actuated Class 5 torque tool, when coupled with a Smart Torque Tool MK2, it provides greater accuracy, control and safety than hydraulic tools that utilise relief valves for over-torque protection.

The Class 4 receptacle retains the latching flange which provides the ability to engage and disengage the Class 4 torque tool at will, this also means that the Class 5 tool can be mounted to the Class 4 Heavy Duty FLOT. The tool has a design limit of 8500Nm, which exceeds the Class 5 limit of 6779Nm.


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