Cutting & Grinding

52-Inch Diamond-Wire Saw

The 52-inch Diamond Wire Saw (DWS) is designed for subsea pipe cutting operations on varying materials and thicknesses at diameters between 36 and 52 inches (914 to 1320 mm)


Suitable for pipe 36 to 52 inches (914 to 1320mm) OD

Cuts pipe, multi-string casing and pilings, bundled wire

Installed and operated using a work class ROV

Cuts round or square structures

Lifting lugs for easier handling

Can be used non-subsea with adequate coolant

The saw uses a continuous loop of diamond cutting wire, together with a hydraulic drive and feed system to advance the wire into the work piece. Diamond cutting wire gives optimum cutting performance on work pieces made up of differing materials.

The TMT DWS has been designed for subsea cutting applications, but can also be used for surface applications with additional coolant required.

The DWS can be crane deployed with final positioning either using divers or ROV. The saw can be powered either from an ROV with a dirty-oil-pack or via a hydraulic power unit, umbilical/reeler and control panel. Both options are available with the spread supplied.


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