Offshore Survey

TMT Survey specialises in Offshore Positioning including LBL (Long Base Line) and Metrology, Construction Support, Drill Support and Inspections.

What We Offer

TMT Survey is an innovative, experienced and highly skilled group of professionals. All our services are executed with tailored technology to collect quality useable information and provide rapid data delivery to our clients.

TMT’s experienced survey personnel are a great complement to our ROV and Engineering departments and offer innovative and creative solutions to our clients. Our techniques give clients an improvement in quality, a reduction in execution time and can obtain results in areas previously thought impossible or uneconomical.

Some of the more recent work by the TMT Survey team includes deep water subsea wellhead positioning, inline spool replacements, infield decommissioning works, dive and ROV support for offshore installations and maintenance programmes.

Together with our award-winning engineers and experienced ROV operations crews, TMT Survey creates unique and cost-effective solutions for offshore surveying.


Ship to Ship Video Telemetry & Ship to Shore Video Streaming

The AirLync system is TMT’s video streaming service between vessels and from a vessel to a hand held device or PC onshore. 

Offshore it provides high speed Wi-Fi video telemetry between vessels within line of site to a distance of 4km. The system is portable and ruggedised to withstand harsh conditions and its installation is designed to be  simple and cost effective. Video is viewed on a small screen which can be detached from the unit itself, allowing the the users to move round while viewing the video. An option for video conferencing between units is also provided.

The Ship to Shore option allows near real time streaming of up to four video channels to a PC or any hand held device by logging into a secure website. The video is secure and compressed and throughput is scalable to the available bandwidth on the vessel.

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