Ninth 3000 Metre Depth Capable ROV

A Row of completed ROVs in the workshop.
It has been a year since Typhoon 12 reached the incredible milestone of 3105 metres below the sea.
Since then, we have built another nine Typhoon ROV’s, and are busy installing four of them onto new vessels in Rotterdam and China. Total Marine Technology is the only company building Heavy Work Class ROVs rated to this depth in Australia. 

On the 5th March 2013, TMT completed the deepest known dive by a non-military ROV system in Australia, reaching 3105msw. TMT set this new bench mark depth with our new Typhoon work class ROV, designed, engineered and built in Western Australia.
The deep-water tests were carried out to qualify the ROV system for pipelay operations in the Brazilian market and were conducted from the 72 metre DP2 vessel Seahorse Standard. The Perth Canyon test site is located 100 nautical miles west of Perth. One shallow dive was carried out prior to departure followed by five dives offshore over a period of three days. 
The success of this dive delivered a number of new contracts to TMT and construction of new Typhoon MK2 150hp ROVs is continuing.