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TMT Descale Rig

The TMT Descale Rig is used to remotely position a high-pressure water blasting head within a variety of closed top tank sizes. These tanks are typically in excess of 20m in diameter, however access is generally via a standard manhole-sized opening.

The TMT Descale Rig is designed to fit through a 2m x 1.5m opening but can also be sized to suit. Additionally, the Rig is designed to fold down so that it fits through the personnel accessways. 

Integral stiffness of the tool is built to withstand significant reaction force from a 1000hp water blasting pump, with minimal deflection.

Scale being blasted from the walls of the tank has the consistency of rock but retains within it residues of the sodium hydroxide. So, the Rig can cope with both the combination of a high velocity rock like particle impacts and the caustic tank residues. 

TMT has had multiple units at various sites since 2014 and continues to provide maintenance to these machines on an ongoing basis. The TMT Descale Rig can be customised to suit most applications and client needs.

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