The Last ROV to Rio

Typhoon ROV and Sapura Diamante
The latest ROVs to leave TMT mark a major milestone in a very significant contract for the company and an important motivator of growth and development.
As they left the yard, there was nothing to mark them as different, however Typhoon 28 and 29 were the last two ROVs to be delivered for one of Total Marine Technology’s most significant jobs, the build, install and support of 12 ROVs for Brazil.
These two ROVs, like the 10 before them, have been shipped to Rotterdam to be installed on Pipe Lay Support Vessels (PLSV’s), and then put to work in Brazil. The vessels are operated by Sapura Navegação Marítima (SNM) and will be working for the Brazilian energy giant Petrobras. TMTs build and installation contract which began mid 2012, will run for four years.
The first two Typhoon MK2 150 ROVs left TMT in late 2013 and were installed onto the PLSV Sapura Diamante at the IHC shipyard in Rotterdam. The last two Typhoons will be installed on board the PLSV Sapura Rubi in January 2016. They should begin working with the other five vessels in Brazil by June 2016. The vessels are contracted to Petrobras by SNM for five years.
TMT will have an active support role in the local region until at least August 2016 and will be building on its local presence. In addition to an office in Rio, TMT has committed to ongoing training and support of local ROV pilots and maintenance crew.  Interactive training modules and associated materials have been created by TMT for improving the knowledge and skills of pilots and staff in the region.
TMT has achieved a number of significant milestones over this time:
  • TMT is the only company designing and manufacturing Work Class ROVs in Australia.
  • First non-military ROV dive to pass 3000msw (March 2013).
  • Record-breaking uptime of over 98% for TMT ROVs in Brazil, about 7% better than industry average.
  • Marathon dive of 42 hours straight at 1400msw.





Initial contract signed for six Typhoon MK2 150 ROVs for pipe lay work




First wet tests of the Typhoon MK2 150


Typhoon 12 passes testing to a depth of 3105m in the Perth Canyon


Second contract awarded for six more Typhoon MK2 ROVs


Sapura Diamante, First of six PLSVs, is launched




Sapura Diamante starts voyage to Brazil three months ahead of schedule


First two Typhoon MK2 ROVs go into service in the Brazilian offshore oilfields


Typhoon 12 completes a marathon dive time, working for 42 hours straight at a depth of 1400msw


The fifth and sixth ROVs leave TMT yard for Rotterdam, the end of the first contract




Sapura Onyx (T24 and T25) is formally named, and Sapura Jade (T26 and T27) is launched in The Netherlands


The last two Typhoon MK2 150 ROVs destined for Brazil leave the TMT yard to be installed on the Sapura Rubi


Sapura Esmerelda to leave Rotterdam for deep sea testing and then continue on to Brazil


Installation of Typhoons T26 and T27 on Sapura Jade




Installation of Typhoons T28 and T29 on Sapura Rubi


End of contracted on-board support


* Image courtesy SNM Brazil.