Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality Management Systems



At Total Marine Technology (TMT) Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Management play a vital role in our daily operations. Excellent HSEQ practices are an integral part of our business operations. Personal health and safety of all employees are our first priority during operations commitment, followed by the protection of our environment and company property. All TMT employees are required to exercise personal responsibility and display a commitment to safe work practices while delivering high quality service to our clients. They are also encouraged to promote healthy working conditions and be environmentally aware.


Annual HSEQ Management System Review

Every year, Total Marine Technology reviews its HSEQ policies to update and amend areas to reflect our current workplace policies.
To attain our HSEQ objectives and targets, we implement a continuous improvement process across all our operational areas. We have been continually developing strategic HSEQ initiatives and programs across all operational sites both on shore and offshore to improve quality of our services and simultaneously reducing costs.
Management believes achieving good performance is a journey- not a destination, so a consistent approach in best HSE culture and quality of service is reiterated when opportunity arises.
This review is divided into 3 sections: Safety, Quality and Environment:


TMT ultimate quality goal is to always exceed the expectations of our clients in delivering quality ROV services at all times.
To achieve a sustainable business process i.e. Inspire growth and bottom-line results, TMT is implementing a unique value creation strategy based on competitive manufacturing techniques such as 5S, Quality improvement and workflow improvement (JIT).
We have gone the extra mile in extending the scope of our ISO9001 quality accreditation beyond designing and manufacturing of ROV. It now also covers offshore deployment of ROV and tools.
TMT recognises that personnel skills, knowledge and quick adaptation to new technology is the key of not only performing better but also for continuous improvement of the organisational business.


At TMT Safety and Health of personnel is our first priority and part of company goal is to mitigate or reduce injuries and diseases in the workplace as low as reasonably practicable.
We continue to achieve overall improvement in our safety performance through planned internal auditing and 3rd party auditing processes.
We implement safety initiatives such as incentive schemes through safety recognition awards. Another program we encourage is getting employees involved in the reviewing of safety procedures, which increases their awareness of the contents of the procedure which allows recommendations of improvement opportunities if necessary.
We have a safety management system accredited to ISO 45001:2018 to support our safety initiatives. The document sets out in clear, concise terms the principle of working safety that are being communicated to all personnel.


We have an ongoing program to achieve our environmental objectives and targets within the company. TMT commemorates World Environment Day annually to show our support, commitment and dedication to preserve and conserve our environment.
TMT's environmental awareness has increased significantly with the support of in-house green team members who ensures TMT environmental vision is attained.
Two significant initiatives for this year are to manage chemical and oil spill contingencies to prevent destruction of ground cover, vegetation and also minimising waste products and disposing them off thoughtfully.
To date, no significant spill has been recorded from our onshore and offshore operations. All our planned activities for continuous, effective and efficient environment management system implementations are supported by EMS accreditation to ISO 14001:2015


DNV Certification Download:

TMT OHS 4801 PDF icon 4801cert.pdf
TMT EMS 14001 PDF icon 14001cert.pdf
TMT OHS 18001 PDF icon 18001cert.pdf
TMT QMS 9001 PDF icon 9001cert.pdf
TMT 45001 PDF icon 45001cert.pdf
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