Fresh Challenge for TMT

Installing marine growth covers on one of the INPEX Manifolds
TMT Meets the Challenges of Manufacturing in Australia for a Global Market.
Total Marine Technology has just delivered on another manufacturing contract for INPEX, producing hundreds of marine growth covers at their production facility in Western Australia, and installing them on three subsea manifolds in Malaysia. The covers had challenging design and delivery requirements which needed extensive and well coordinated planning from TMT.
Flavio Bruni, TMT Project Manager said "This has been such a big team effort…. It's not just production, it's the full cycle from engineering, procurement, production, assembly, logistics - which was a major challenge within the time frame, and then supervised installation in Malaysia by TMT staff."
A marine growth cover has an important but unexciting role in subsea energy delivery. It works the same way the lid on a lunchbox keeps sandwiches fresh. It covers a port or bucket on the outside of a subsea manifold and prevents the growth of unwanted organisms beneath the cover, which could damage the port or might require costly cleaning.
The marine growth covers for INPEX required extra design input as there were additional novel interfaces included as part of this project and hence a new marine cover was designed from the normal specification. Engineering challenges included a 40 year life span, operation subsea by ROV or diver, two independent methods of removal and more, and then delivered in almost one third the usual time.
"We used a large portion of the Australian supply of the plastic we needed and our deadline could only be achieved through leveraging our good supplier relationships and a having perfectly coordinated production and workshop process - which is a TMT specialty." said Bruni.
TMT engineering and production facilities are well tuned to manufacturing products for challenging environments. TMT is best known for making the 3000msw capable Typhoon work class ROV, and less well known for designing and building ROV tooling and associated subsea products. However, this is changing. More and more TMT ROVs and products are being delivered into the international offshore energy marketplace where they are meeting and overcoming the often challenging needs of clients.