TMT’s HSE Meeting – World Environmental Day 2015

TMT’s HSE meeting was hosted by the Green team, a group of TMT’s environmental enthusiasts who are keen to make a corporate difference to the environment.
The Green team, consisting of 8 staff members, organised and presented on the theme “World Environmental Day (WED) 2015”. Despite the WED being celebrated globally in June 2015, the meeting was aimed at bringing awareness to staff about recycling correctly as well as celebrating TMT’s current achievements in its waste management practices.
The meeting consisted of the following:
  • Presentation by Southern Metropolitan Regional Council (SMRC) representatives who gave staff a glimpse of what happens at their Regional Resource Recovery Centre (RRRC) with their topic “Is it really rubbish?”
  • Presentations by TMT’s Green team members who shared their experience and lessons learnt while on a tour at the RRRC facility in June 2015. They also shared on new environmental initiatives that are currently being discussed and will be undergoing trial. These include: Reducing the number of rags used through smart usage and recycling, Reducing the number paper use / cost by 5% by changing printing settings to double-sided black and white, Reducing unnecessary chemical waste disposal and considering less harmful alternatives when purchasing.
  • Handing out of plants as part of TMT’s “Plants for the workplace” initiative set to allow staff to adopt and care for a plant in the office or workshop areas.
  • Lunch provided for staff for the day.