TMT Runners in the City to Surf 2014

Or Why Are so Many People Walking Funny Today?
The City to Surf 2014 is over, but for the TMT Team the pain is still fresh. Sunday 31st August had perfect running weather for the 19 TMT participants and at least 45,000 other people.
Thanks go to Martin Johnson and Francesca as the TMT organizers and for collecting the race packs, Sean K. for getting the t-shirts printed and delivered in time, Alf for the quickie shirt design, Paul C. for his support, and every participant for supporting a good cause with their own pain.
Suggestions for next year have included installing a lift to carry runners up and down the stairs in the office after the event.
Participants: Michael Claffey, Sean Killen, Stephen Freijser, Javier Wong, Milton Cassidy, Andrew Welsh, Francesca Nyakunu, Gemma Ware, Ashlea Nurse, Thuan Tran, Tommy Adebayo, Evie Kim, Gary Wilson, Earl Nicholl, Juliet Kiama, Janice Tong, Julien Richards, Q'din Basharudin, Mark De Castro.
Well done all of you!