TMT Commemorates Safe Work Australia Week

Safe Work Australia Week is a national week developed to focus attention on workplace safety issues around Australia.
The program aims to encourage all working Australians to get involved and concentrate on safety in their workplace to reduce death, injury and disease.
Here at Total Marine Technology (TMT), heavy emphasis is placed on safety to ensure that there is a safe working environment. This point is clearly seen with the following activities done throughout the week here at TMT:
  • To ensure that all TMT employees are familiar with the fire extinguishing equipment and are aware of what to do in the event of a fire, a fire extinguishing familiarisation was conducted in the workshop
  • To reduce hand and arm-related injuries, which are most prone to injury since they are usually in direct contact with equipment, TMT has launched a HSE Campaign called “TEN RULES TO SAVE YOUR TEN FINGERS". Employees were briefed on safe practices when working on equipment with their hands.
  • To encourage TMT employees to be work-safe, an award system was implemented to reward employees who display acts of safety while encouraging their peers to follow suit. Congratulations to Callum and Swansson for winning this year's TMT HSE Employee of the Year
As an additional communication channel, we have implemented a Safety Suggestion box to allow prompt reporting of unsafe practices or areas. The TMT Safe Week activity was registered with Work safe WA and TMT was among the five organisations nominated by Work Safe WA (after draws was conducted) to win a free ticket to the Perth Work Safe 2006 forum.