Stand Down For Safety Day 2015

Staff at the Total Marine Technology Bibra Lake site stopped work for the second annual Stand Down for Safety Day to focus on safety. The main objectives of the half day event conducted on the 29th of October 2015 included: 
  • E-colour awareness to help staff identify their strengths and potential limiters with the aim of encouraging response versus reaction to different situations.
  • Proactive approach in TMT’s emergency response to life and non-life threatening situations through first aid drills and CPR awareness.
  • Preventing history from repeating itself and for continual improvement of TMT’s HSEQ processes.
The day kicked off with TMT’s CEO Paul Colley encouraging staff to extend themselves by moving from simply complying with safety to being emotionally and spiritually engaged in safety, and where they believe in and are passionate about their safety and that of others at work. He reiterated the need, as a company, to be consistent in our actions, speech and in our belief in regards to safety.
TMT’s safety day also consisted of presentations on E-colours from Chevron’s Drilling and Completions HES staff, Jason Boyce and Kendell Ball and from Equilibria’s Regional Performance Specialist, Matt Schlapfer. They briefly described the E-colours process and its benefits as a framework that allows people to understand themselves and those around them, aiding in improving communication, individual performance, team work and risk management to name a few. 
Elite athlete and professional speaker Brant Garvey, motivated staff as he talked about his journey towards becoming the first Australian above-knee amputee to complete an Ironman Triathlon in a world record time, as well as his preparations for selection to go to the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. 
TMT was also awarded their 4th IFAP/CGU Platinum Safeway Award. The award presented by Ashutosh Karkhanis, IFAP’s Technical Specialist Offshore and Maritime Training, is the highest award category that recognizes organizations who demonstrate continued development and maintenance of their Safety Management Systems over a 12 month period as well as being awarded an IFAP/CGU Gold Award for 5 consecutive years. 
Practical activities for the day included first aid drills conducted by St Johns Ambulance staff for TMT’s trained first aiders as well as a brief awareness of First aid for untrained staff conducted by Aus-com and Medic One.
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