Safety Day

“What’s My Purpose” was a theme that led up to the Safe Week Australia Day for TMT.
The event was kicked off by a presentation from TMT’s HSEQ Manager, Tommy Adebayo, who highlighted TMT”s safety performance achievements amongst which TMT won a Platinum Safe Way Achiever award on the 11th of October 2012.
Following a presentation by TMT’s CEO Paul Colley, raffle prizes for “Best reason for Safety” were given to nine staff who contributed a pictorial reason of why they aimed for safety at work. Amongst some of the pictures were those of family, guitars, cars, boats and ultrasound scan of new born babies from staff which are now framed as a reminder of safety for staff. The Welding and Fabrication Department was awarded as the safest Department for 2012 with a great and positive attitude displayed towards safety.
Mike Rowney, a Paraplegic Benefit Fund presenter shared on the importance of safety when he told staff of how his life changed when he fell from a friend’s yacht in the dry dock while fishing in Greece. Even though forewarned by fellow friends’ moments before the incident, his risk-taking behaviour resulted in spinal injuries causing permanent paraplegia. He shared pictures of himself before the accident without proper protective equipment and how spinal cord injuries had taken impact on his health, family and lifestyle. He ended the session by encouraging staff to get rid of risk-taking behaviours and mentality from work and home environments adding that this could have prevented his spinal injuries. This session was followed by a Barbecue for all staff.
Remarks from our CEO, Paul Colley, showed the success of the Safety Day’s event and the Safety Culture shown by TMT staff, adding that “Our Malaysian director commented on the positive people and atmosphere he encountered throughout TMT during his visit and said he would be taking some of our ideas from Safety Day back to Malaysia. This shows we are having an impact on others with the culture we have. Guard it, Improve it, Respect it.”