Ride2Work Day 2015

Ride2Workers 2015
The icy rain of an half dark Wednesday morning couldn’t dampen the spirits of TMTs finest 24 participants in the 2015 National Ride2Work Day.
They rode from far and wide to make an ordinary journey in a different way. Motivation was helped with warm showers and good food on arrival.
595.13 enthusiastic kilometres were ridden that morning, that's just to get to TMT. This is also the distance from TMT to Kalbarri, which may have had better weather than Perth that day. Riding back home again added more kilometres, not quite as enthusiastic ones, but they do get better with practice.
The riders were greeted with a fantastic breakfast spread on arrival at TMT, and quite a few riders had already taken part in another breakfast in the city about 35 kilometres earlier.
Many thanks to Mark for organising and informing everyone, Francesca for arranging breakfast and Javier for the photo.
National Ride2Work Day was on 14 October this year and attracted over 55,000 registered riders. Bicycle Network are the organisers of the national event and have aimed Ride2Work Day at making commuting a little more normal and encourage riding to work as a habit.