Ride2Work Day 2012

On Wednesday the 17th of October, TMT encouraged employees to ride into work as part of the national Ride2Work program.
The program aims to get people who have been thinking of commuting by bicycle to ditch their cars and jump on the bike. Ride2Work Day is held on the final day of a 5 week challenge, which gets people to record the kilometres that they ride, which could result in some nice prizes for their company. This year the prize was taken out by the University of Western Australia.
This year over 115,000 people rode to work, with TMT contributing around 15 to that total. As an incentive, TMT provided some delicious breakfast items from Croissant Express. On the same day there were 118 official breakfasts held around the nation, which provided free breakfast for anyone who arrived on a bike.
In 2012, 38,315 people registered to take part in the Ride2Work program, of which 4,201 were first time commuters. It has been great to see an increase in the numbers of bikes in the rack each morning and I can only hope this continues through the summer months.