Redkite Charity Downwinder 2014

After all the excitement building up to the 2014 RedKite Surf for Cancer it is now officially over.
Massive thanks to all the people involved, as a group we managed to raise over $8000 and with only 20 participants - that is an outstanding effort!
To top it off we took 3rd place! With a grand total of $1060.35 !!!!
I would like to thank everyone who helped me out, it sure is a great feeling to give back to people in need and I hope you all share that same feeling of compassion and generosity! If it wasn’t for you guys this wouldn't have happened!
Unfortunately, due to my injury I couldn't participate this year, however I still had a fantastic day and made some awesome new friends!
The good news is it sounds like RedKite will be supporting this event again next year!!
Bring It On!!!
Report by Julien Richards, November 2014.