Kids Day 2015

Kids Day 2015

TMT Kids Day 2015!

Post Event Update:

What an incredibly successful day! Almost 250 kids and even more big kids came to play with the toys at TMT. The Build Your Own Robot Arm Kit, Rocket Building and Launching and range of remote control vehicles were all very popular, but its amazing to see how something as simple as a pool full of oobleck slime can keep kids enthralled for hours.



There was entertainment for everyone thanks to the range of activities that included electronic kits, the ROV simulator (with extra fish!), fishing for ducks with the Titan manipulator, 3D computer modelling and Laz’s rusty chocolate prizes. We also had specialty catering vans to feed everyone and very talented face painter.

There was lots of great feedback from big and small kids saying the TMT Kids Day was well worth the visit.



More Robot Arms!

Due to unprecendented demand, another run of Robot Arm Kits will be going into production . If you are interested in getting a kit or two then send an email to us from the Contact page with your details and we'll let you know the cost and when they'll be ready.



Science and tech fun for everyone.

10.00am to 3.00pm, Saturday 28 March 2015 

A hands-on high tech open day in a subsea robotics facility with activities for kids of all ages.


Lots of interactive science and technology displays

  • Control a robot arm
  • Fly an ROV
  • The Ooze Pool - Play in a pool full of icky oobleck  (it’s a liquid that is sometimes a solid, and you can walk on it)
  • Try a mission on the ROV simulator


  • Build your own robot arm
  • Remote control displays
  • Rocket building and launching
  • Lego building
  • Computer design
  • Historical ROV Display
  • Shrinky Cups (subsea pressure demonstration)
  • Sausage sizzle
  • Show bags
  • Make stuff
  • Break stuff
  • Learn stuff
  • Lots of parking 

Fun for kids of all ages

10.00am – 3.00pm, Saturday 28 March     

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