Environmental Day 2012

The 30th of May 2012 was unlike any other day for TMT’s environmentally-focused and dynamic Green Team
The re-launch of the Green team in 2012 was of great significance as they planned the World Environmental Day. As part of their 2012 objectives to reduce waste, improve on recycling, and reduce pollution, the World Environmental Day was celebrated in style by launching of the Workshop Department’s 120 Litre Waste Segregation Bins to deal with generated workshop waste. In an aim to create awareness and address the environmental impacts of TMT’s operations, a Green Team Representative educated staff on the correct waste disposal methods before showcasing locations of bins. The drive home point was encouraging staff to actively participate in making a difference to the environment through TMT’s waste management practices, no matter how small a contribution.
Staff was treated to a Barbecue before each department representative participated in planting a fruit tree on TMT site.