2009 Movember Award Celebration

Every year, TMT organises a month long charity drive to help out a charitable organisation. This year, we have chosen to donate all proceeds to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.
The Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia is the peak national body for prostate cancer in Australia.
It is dedicated to:
  • funding research into the cause, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of prostate cancer
  • raising awareness about prostate cancer
  • providing support, information and advocacy to men and their families impacted by prostate cancer
TMT organised a BBQ to commemorate the event before the awards presentation. The usual fare of snags and bread rolls was met with excited chatter about the day's events.
Without further ado, let's get onto the awards!
Our winner for the Ugliest Mo couldn't make it to the office today but based on what we saw over the past month, we were pretty sure he had a definite win for the award.
The award for the Ugliest Mo goes to: Paul Colley
The Longest Mo award was a tough competition as it has the most entrants (plus it was also the easiest to compete in) Unfortunately, there can only be one winner.
The award for the Longest Mo goes to: Brett Manners.
Honorable Mention goes out to Laszlo who has a similar length and style going on.
The award for the Weirdest Mo was unanimously won. Only one employee was man enough to come to work with coloured facial hair.
The award for the Weirdest Mo goes to: Wayne Turnbar
Last but not least, Jonathan West was all ready to win the award just one week into the competition with his 'flame' influenced Mo that almost connected to his sideburns.
The award for the Designer Mo goes to: Jonathon West
By the end of the event, TMT had raised almost AUD$3000 in the month of November with half of the donations matched by TMT.