Australian First Electric Torque Tool

Now Torque Tool Operations can be delivered from any electric inspection class ROV.
The Electric Torque Tool is TMT’s latest development in ROV friendly subsea intervention tooling, and Total Marine Technology will have live demonstrations at the 2016 AOG Expo.
The patent pending TMT Electric Torque Tool now opens up new markets for smaller electric ROVs. It can even be operated by ROVs as small as the Seaeye Surveyor, which is less than one metre high and 250kg. The tool is ground breaking for survey class ROV units due to our success in managing the tool's power requirement down to only 500 watts.
The TMT Electric Torque Tool matches hydraulic versions in being Class 1-4 compatible and rated to 3000msw, but only requires modest electrical power. One of the standout features is the accuracy and control that is now possible. The Electric Torque Tool is managed through software that allows much finer control and feedback than hydraulic systems. Operators can now dial in torque limits, speed, and number of turns and watch the response on screen immediately.
Operators of smaller electric vehicles are welcome to visit the TMT stand at the AOG Expo and get a first hand demonstration of the cabilities of the tool. It is an obvious advantage to these operators to have a tool like this. A vehicle that previously may have only been used for inspection duties, can now carry a much more capable suite of tools.
TMT is a groundbreaking engineering and manufacturing company which produces the only Australian designed and built Work Class ROV, the Typhoon. TMT also operates a fleet of ROVs, manufactures innovative tooling, and provides offshore surveying for the global offshore drilling and production industry from bases in Perth and Kuala Lumpur. 
TMT Electric Torque Tool (Patent Pending) Specifications:
Weight - 24kg
Torque - Class 1-4, 20Nm to 3000Nm
Max. Speed - 5 to 10rpm
Output Resolution - 1 º
Peak Torque - 3000Nm
Voltage - 110VAC
Depth Rating - 3000msw
Interface - Rotary low torque types A, B and C, Rotary high torque
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