TMT Diverless Flange Connector

TMT Diverless Flange Connector

Subsea Flange
The TMT Diverless Flange Connector is a purpose designed tool for connecting surface or other subsea jumpers to API flanges up to a 12” interface without the need for divers.
The Connector is deployed and operated with the use of a deck winch and ROV. The connector has simple hydraulic controls which can be driven from a surface or ROV supply.
The Connector is run onto the seabed using a deck crane or deck winch with a clump weight and buoyancy and an optional hydraulic umbilical. The tool is then flown to the flange connection by ROV and engaged. The Connector is then clamped and locked to the flange with the surface controls or ROV hydraulic hot stab. The connection can also be pressure tested from surface or by ROV. The buoyancy is then released and returned to surface with the clump weight.
Benefits include:
  • Enables connection to API or ANSI flanges subsea without the use of divers
  • Can be designed to suit a range of connections and pressure requirements*



  • Simple hydraulic controls
  • Cost-effective
  • Deployed by crane or winch on wire
  • ROV operated
  • 2" Double block and bleed
  • Field proven


Flange Size Up to 12" API
Pressure Rating - Flange Connection WP 345bar (5000psi)
Pressure Rating - Operating 207bar (3000psi) Max.*
Weight in Air 400 - 2500kg (5 - 12")